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«A place where location, style and functionality makes the perfect balance!»

  • 26.10.2020

Anton Fridlyand, a famous Ukrainian journalist and opinion leader, shared his impressions of the stay at Premier Hotel Odesa

During my life I have been to Odesa several dozen times. I had to stay in expensive hotels, in more modest hotels, and in rented apartments. Once I even slept in a boathouse on the marina. But this is the first time I am staying here in a five-star hotel where factors such as location, style and functionality have made a perfect balance.


Premier Hotel Odesa is located next to Arcadia, ten minutes' walk from the sea, but at the same time close to the center - you can get to Derybasovska from here in fifteen minutes. But I have already managed to explore the center of Odesa well before, so on this trip I started exploring the seaside part of the city.

There are several beaches near the hotel, both city and with private beach clubs. My favorite place is Mantra Beach Club, with great cocktails, DJ music and own beach. Here, if you wish, you can spend the whole day sunbathing, swimming and snacking, and then stay for a party night. If you get tired of lying on a sun lounger, you can jog on the Health Track or ride it on a rented bike.

When it comes to restaurant life, everything here can be in general order, as in the whole in Odesa. Dozens of restaurants in Arcadia, as well as the legendary restaurant "Dacha", located on Franzyzskiy Boulevard, are available from the Premier Hotel Odesa. And if you don't to go out, you can have a meal in one of two restaurants at the hotel or drink a cocktail in a bar on the 16th floor that has beautiful sea panorama.


The Premier Hotel Odesa was built in the ex-building of the Yunist hotel, which was opened in 1983. After three year reconstruction, nothing was left out from previous building. Italian designers from Alpenmade bureau has designed all the decor of the hotel. All the décor, furniture and marble, that decorate foreheads, restaurants and conference halls, arrived from the ITALY.

The main theme of the decor is the sea, the ale of the presence in the well-made hotel even more stylishly and unobtrusively: no anchors, ribal nets and boats. For me, the most impressive was the design of the glass pouches, as the Germans go to the hall, similar to the bulbs in the water. The designers made it possible to create an international atmosphere here, with some local accents - just such, in my opinion, that hotel is perfect for business and leasure.

The same can be said up to the rooms of the hotel - with a streamlined design, supplemented with bright accents. The most impressive is the view that opens from the window of your room: there is nothing more beautiful than sea panoramas.


Premier Hotel Odesa features 200 rooms, it is the largest five-star hotel in Odesa. Suites and junior suites equipped with own kitchen. I have already mentioned the restaurants and the panoramic bar and wellness and spa club with indoor pool available all year round is also awaited to be open soon.

The creators of the hotel has concentrated the attention to the infrastructure for business. The hotel features five conference rooms, the largest one can accommodate 350 people. This makes Premier Hotel Odesa an ideal venue for hosting business events, including large-scale ones. During conferences and business meetings brakes hotel guests can walk along the sea shore or take a boat trip on a yacht.

This combination of convenient business and leisure options makes Premier Hotel Odesa the first business resort in the city. Even when you come here on business, enjoy your free time to entertain — after all, you are in Odesa!