Stay Safe with Premier: Safety & Security Protocols. Know More



  • Security personnel are available 24/7
  • Manned staff entrance with walk-through scanner and thorough inspection of employees’ belongings
  • An Access Control System is installed to prevent the risk of an unauthorized access
  • Video Surveillance System throughout the property and surrounding areas
  • In case of emergency events on the hotel territory, the arrival time of the police officers of the state security service is 1.5-5 minutes


  • Hotel staff was well trained on how to behave during emergencies and got trained how to provide the first aid
  • The property is equipped with an autonomous energy supply system activated during a power outage
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures are regularly reviewed and rehearsed
  • Evacuation plan is available in all areas, including guest rooms
  • All rooms are equipped with public Announcement System and Automatic Fire Suppression System


  • A few rooms on the basement floor were converted into a bomb shelter accessible to everyone “during air raids 
  • The shelter is equipped with the following: chairs and soft seats, sufficient provision of water and food, means individual protections of respiratory organs 
  • The shelter is equipped with a powerful ventilation system
  • Directions to the shelter are available in all areas of the hotel property
  • Upon check-in, all guests are given instructions on what to do during air raid alerts and shelter whereabouts